Tuesday, 9 June 2015

First choose career, then pick course and college

Before choosing a course, a student must decide on the career he or she wants to pursue. For example, if one wants to go for media, one follows nomenclature and goes for BMM instead of trying to find out about the skill set required for a career. BMM is a good course, but one can also opt for arts and do English, psychology and sociology. Media requires good communication skills, good writing skills, and an in-depth knowledge of society. 

Students should opt for colleges that provide the specific skill set for a career. They have a faint idea about one or two careers. They don't look for careers, but courses. Many take admission in engineering and then pursue a management course. In a management institute, 80% students have a science and technology background. Why is a graduate in chemical engineering selling garments? 

Then, if I've decided to choose engineering, which field do I want? Mechanical, software or hardware ? It should not come down to: if I don't get computer science in BE, I'll do chemical engineering, and so on. 

Instead of BE for four years, one could do B.Sc in IT for three years. Perhaps the best course for a career in computers is a B.Sc in Math, physics and statistics. It gives the logic required for computer programming.

Ramdhar Maheshwari Counseling Centre (RMCC) offers the service which assist in choosing the right career, best college / university, documentation, visa application and accommodation. Latest interactive tools, comprehensive resources and unbiased personalized advice make RMCC the most prominent and trusted Career advisors.

With a wide array of career choices ranging from Engineering, Mass Media, Medicine, IT, Designing, Biotechnology, Commerce, Arts etc…..and the list is endless, how do students decide what to pursue as career and enjoy pursuing it for lifetime? 

To recommend a appropriate career our expert counselors conduct Career Assessment Test through which they get a detailed report on Individuals interest, their strengths and weaknesses which is explained thoroughly to the student and parents and three best career option is been recommended.

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