Friday, 22 May 2015

Tips For Career Selection After Board Exam Results

It is vacation time for most of the school- going children, but for students of 10th and 12th standards, the time has arrived to take a vital decision. One of the most difficult questions every youngster has to face in life which career to opt for? The answer simply lies in what you want to pursue all your life. One can achieve success in work only if he enjoys it. In the past, a child never really had the freedom of choice and had to adhere to his parent’s preference. With the change in time, have the circumstances changed too? Earlier, there were limited career options but now there is an upsurge of alternatives in every field, be it science, commerce or arts. Of late, there has been a swell in the number of career counselling centres as well, who guide your child to the right path. In such a scenario, who should have the final say?
Some students consider parents’ views to be a key factor in decision making. Nerul resident Ananaya Dey, who is currently preparing for her CET exam said, “Parents will always think for the benefit of their child. They are much more experienced than us and know what is better for us.” But majority children are of the option that they must be given the right to select a profession of their interest. 

Supporting this view, Ayushi Raj, a standard 10 student said, “An individual knows where his interest lies and what his capabilities are. May parents wanted me to pursue engineering but I aspire to become a doctor. I want to do what I believe in and I have my parents’ full support.” 

There is said to be parental pressure on children to conform to career choices as they wish their child to fulfil their dreams. But in today’s scenario, parents have become more liberal and thoughtful of their child’s wish. Anita Hingnekar wanted her daughter to opt for science stream but her (daughter’s) desire was to pursue commerce and she stood by her decision. Anita said, “It’s not us but the children who have to study the subject. So we must be considerate and support them.”

In times of uncertainty, parents also let children consult career counsellors to get a professional take on which field to pot for. Salma Prabhu, a leading counsellor suggests, “Along with personal interests, it is important to get a scientifically proven result that helps high light the qualities of a child and assist in choosing a suitable career.” Shivangi Thakur, a 12th standard student from Nerul who has had counselling experience said, “Because of the innumerable options available, I was confused in the beginning as to which vocation should I go for. Consulting counsellors surely helped me get a clear idea but it didn’t influence my decision wholly.”

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