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How to prepare for GRE? – A step-by-step Guide

GRE- Graduate Record Examination

Planning to go for your Masters abroad? Most graduate schools require you to take standardized tests, the most common being GRE and GMAT.

All these years, students who are applying to business school or planning on taking up a management program have been taking the GMAT, while most other programs require you to usually take the GRE. Things have changed a bit now and most business schools also accept GRE, giving you the choice of which test to take, making it important for you to choose the right test that plays to your strengths.

GRE                              VS                             GMAT
Accepted in most graduate schools and an increasing number of business schools. Accepted in most business schools.
Consists of:
  • Analytical section-75 mins (this including two essays)
  • 2 Verbal sections- 30 mins each
  • 2 Quantitative sections- 35 mins each
  • Experimental section- 30 mins (either math or verbal)
Consists of:
  • Analytical section- 30 mins (one essay)
  • Integrated Reasoning section- 30 mins
  • Quantitative section- 75 mins
  • Verbal section- 75 mins
Costs- $195 Computer/paper based Costs- $250 Computer based
Time allotted to take the test is 3+ hours Time allotted to take the test is 3.5 hours
Scores are valid for 5 years Scores are valid for 5 years

Besides these there are also some other differences between the two standardized tests.

GRE Coaching Classes Malad, MumbaiThe GRE’s verbal section focuses more on vocabulary while the GMAT’s focal point is more towards grammar, logic and reasoning skills, making the GRE favorable towards students with a strong knowledge of English. Your math abilities also play an important factor in deciding which test to take. The GRE emphasizes on quick number sense and number manipulation while GMAT requires you to create a systematic approach in order to answer word problems.

If you are still confused its best to take a practice test for each exam so you know which test is more suited for you. Also do not forget to check the website of your desired universities to make sure you are taking the right test.

Also you can take the GRE test once in twenty-one days, up to a maximum of five times within a year from your first GRE testing date.

GRE Test Dates and Registration

The GRE is administered at prometric test centers, throughout the year, in almost all major cities in India.

To make it in time for your application deadlines, make sure you choose a date well in advance. It usually takes approximately two weeks for your GRE scores to reach your desired universities. You are allowed to choose four institutions to send your GRE scores to as a part of your test fee. These will be chosen on the day of the GRE test.

Also you can take the GRE test once in twenty-one days, up to a maximum of five times within a year from your first GRE testing date.

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