Friday, 23 January 2015


With the ICSE Examinations less than two months away a whole lot of you could be stressed and under tremendous pressure to do well, which can sometimes leave you overwhelmed and unable to cope.
A little bit of stress can be a good thing as it motivates us and gets us going to achieve the desired results. Although sometimes the ICSE exams can cause stress levels to get out of control, which can refrain us from performing our very best, there are a whole bunch of things that you can do to help yourself get though these stressful times and study better.

1. Stop procrastinating and know yourself better
You may have been putting off studying till the last minute or thinking that you still have time to prepare. You need to STOP. You have just a few weeks left before your ICSE examinations. Cramming is a last resort for students who have left themselves with no other choice.

Also comparing your abilities to that of your friends/ peers will lead you nowhere. Remember that everyone approaches things differently. It does not matter how much of the syllabus your friend has finished, neither does it matter that they haven’t opened their books yet. Stop giving yourself unnecessary stress and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.
2. Know when and where you work best and make an effective study plan
Everybody has different body clocks. Some people work better at night while others are morning people. Maybe you like to be tucked into your sheets with your books/ laptop or sit at a tidy desk or in a library. Wherever you feel in control is the best place for you to deal with exam stress.

Work out how much time you have and make a timetable. If it all seems overwhelming/ stressful break it down into manageable chunks. There are some subjects that come to you naturally while there are others you need to a lot more time to. Vary your timetable so you do not get bored. Keep updating it as you go along keeping pace with it.

You can also read though your class notes/ chapters and put them in your own words. Think of questions that you might be asked in your ICSE exams. Write them down and try answering them. Make sure you give yourself enough time for revision.
3. Find a healthy balance
Evaluate yourself physically and mentally. Get enough sleep, eat good food and move around. You are not a superhero and you need to give yourself enough time to recover from all the work you are putting in.

Try keeping aside some time to exercise everyday even if it is just going for a walk. Some relaxation techniques could also be helpful during these stressful times. Write your thoughts down. Try replacing the stressful ones with positive thoughts.
4. Visualize success
Imagine yourself to succeed. Think that you are writing your ICSE examinations are you know all your answers. Imagine that A+/ 90%. When you imagine being successful you are more likely to succeed. Just remember to imagine the studying bit. You have to put in enough work.


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