Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Mrs. Salma Prabhu a Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of Academy for Counseling and Education Pvt Ltd advices on the rising exam fear among students as well as parents:
The word exam creates a kind of anxiety not only for students but more so for parents. Examinations are almost always stressful. Students rarely know exactly what to expect on the test and those who suffer from exam fear or anxiety, here are some simple tips for both students as well as parents to sail through with ease.
Effective Exam Tips for the Students:

  • Exams are important. However, a positive mind set and a confident approach would help to perform better than anxiety and stress.
  • Discuss with the parents how you feel if you are nervous or facing certain issue with regards to exam or any other emotional health.
  • Organise your time to maximize on the revision for your exam.
  • Revise the subject with appropriate short breaks even during exams.
  • Repeat the positive suggestion regularly.
  • Listen to soft instrumental music while studying.
  • Listen to the vocal music only in breaks.
  • Maintain a time to talk to the friends.
  • Use different colour shades while doing revision. Colours help to remember to better and they soothe the mind.
  • Sleep and appropriate rest is very important to put into application all that you have learned and practiced over the past months before the exam.
  • Burning the midnight lamps is not advised during exam as a fresh mind will not experience going blank.
  • During the examination if you go blank close your eyes and concentrate on your breath for 30 seconds after which you repeat in your mind for another 30 seconds that you are completely confident of yourself. Then open your eyes and look at the questions. You shall be able to do well for sure.



Ramdhar Maheshwari Career Counseling Centre (RMCC) has introduced with Work S.M.A.R.T modules, a powerful student and family empowerment program to build confidence, inculcate self discipline and enhance performance
This works on specific area enhancement such as
  • Goal Setting
  • Brain Yoga
  • Effective study Habits
  • Time Management
  • Social Interaction
  • Building Confidence
  • Reading , Vocabulary and Comprehension (RVC) and many more

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